About Us


Urlsaf.com offers users a simplest way to share links very safely and securely. The site offers a simple link shortening service with a spotlight on security. The user submits the link they would prefer to share and Urlsaf.com mechanically scans it for malware and other vulnerabilities using more than the 40 types of online virus scanner. The site additionally checks to make sure the URL is not a fishing website discovered to steal visitor's personal info. If the URL seems to be clean, Urlsaf.com produces a brief report and red alert to user.

Developers can access Urlsaf.com's API page to use our URL shortening service into their web site or application very easily without any restricts such us API key.

Users will utilize Urlsaf.com as a convenient, secure way to notice and share links with others. The user can ne'er need to worry about sending a disciple or customers an unsafe link when first checking it with Urlsaf.com.

The site does not require or offer a registration option at this time. All users are given the same access to Urlsaf.com features.

Urlsaf.com allowing free access for everyone (It is a free service).

Urlsaf.com was developed by Tech-Jass. Tech-Jass was first produced in 2012 to keep the high standards when preventing threats/attacks over the INTERNET.

Urlsaf.com provides a helpful service that can make it much more convenient for users to share a URL while keeping them safe. Using Urlsaf.com, the user can confidently share a URL knowing that they are not sending a friend, coworker, customers or family member to an unsafe or malicious website.

Urlsaf.com's Features

  • Shorten a long URL for sharing or posting
  • Check URLs for malware and threats before visiting
  • Submit as many URLs as you like
  • Access Urlsaf.com for free
  • URL Virus Scanner
  • Sign up Free Service
  • URL Password Locker
  • URL Expiry Timer
  • Public Stats
  • Multi Shrink
  • Free API
  • Custom Name
  • Easy Social Sharing
  • Free No-Follow Backlinks
  • Download Multi Shrink URLs
  • QR Download
  • Paste URL to Auto Shrink